Lionheart Active: A Yoga-Infused Campaign

An online multi-brand store for workout and junkies and yogis alike, Lionheart Active asked me to be a part of their launch campaign Sometime in November of 2016, I got sent a DM on Instagram to be a part of a campaign that would turn out to be extremely fun (albeit tiring). I don't usually respond to … Continue reading Lionheart Active: A Yoga-Infused Campaign

Image: Shafiq Anak Saleh

A Different Sort of Rooftop Yoga

Sneaking to the top of buildings is a breeze for urban photographer Shafiq Anak Saleh even for a yoga shooot One (super early) morning, I got up before the sun for my regular yoga practice. However, this morning I didn't hit the mat in the studio like I normally would. And my warmup wasn't sun salutations but … Continue reading A Different Sort of Rooftop Yoga