Image: Shafiq Anak Saleh

A Different Sort of Rooftop Yoga

Sneaking to the top of buildings is a breeze for urban photographer Shafiq Anak Saleh even for a yoga shooot

One (super early) morning, I got up before the sun for my regular yoga practice. However, this morning I didn’t hit the mat in the studio like I normally would. And my warmup wasn’t sun salutations but instead consisted of doing my hair and makeup. Strange, no?

There’s beauty in the unexpected. While it’s quite commonplace to find yogis shooting on the beach or in a park, the bestie Nor Soraya decided that we should do something a bit different – an urban shoot with Shafiq Anak Saleh.

So bright and early I left home and met with the two at a place downtown. After a quick bite, off we headed to find one of the most amazing views I’ve seen in KL. Suffice to say, rooftops such as these are a terrain I’d never explored. It involved some sneaking and some high climbing to reach our urban summit, but there was nothing I couldn’t handle without the support and motivation from the pair.

While I’ve done rooftop yoga before (sometimes there are classes held at Stratosphere at The Roof), this was something else entirely. No mats or green grass. It’s nothing but concrete and stark shadows but the result is spellbinding.

img_7441  img_7542  img_7585 img_7684  img_7805  img_7821 img_7867  img_7941  img_7974img_7736


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